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Product Specifications

EL-6-18 EL-10-30 EL-10-30-C ML-20-35
--- Fast Electrically Tunable Lens --- Manual Tunable Lens
Size 18mm x 8.5mm 30mm x 9.7mm 30mm x 20.7mm 35mm x 8mm
Clear Aperture 6mm 10mm 10mm 20mm
Lens Type Meniscus Plano-Convex Plano-Convex Plano-Convex to Plano-Concave
Focal Length Range -500mm to +50mm +20mm to +140mm -600mm to +170mm -40mm to +40mm
Refractive Index 1.3 1.3 or 1.559 1.3 1.3 or 1.559