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Established in 2009 with a business focus on photonics related products and the vision to be one of the best solution provider in this industry.At that time, the world was facing the worst financial turmoil in history.Despite of such difficult times,our founders were undeterred and very confident to steer the company to success. This confidence also contributed to the decision to setup 2 sales offices in Singapore and Malaysia concurrently.

With a belief that the undermining success factor in our industry is people a strong team with passion, knowledge and experience was recruited. The untiring efforts to provide solutions for our customers led to our extensive lists of products offering.


We are glad to have found good people who believe in our visio and proud to highlight that we are one of the most experience distributor in this region with more than 50 years of accumulated experience. Our journey begins with zero customer and principal. But we have since grown tremendously in our customer base and our list of best in class partners.

Inno-V Global is now a dominant player in both Singapore and Malaysia markets and we setting our sight on the other regional countries like Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam. Our website was revamped to provide better experience to our customers.

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