• FDTD Solutions
    3D/2D Maxwell’s solver for optical design
    MODE Solutions
    Waveguide design environment
    Photonic integrated circuit (PIC) simulation and analysis
    Multiphysics modeling of charge and heat transport
  • Laser Beam Stabilization System
    Typical applications
    Very precise, fast and reliable beam alignment
    Active beam position and beam direction control
    Compensation of laser beam pointing
    Precise motion and vibration control
  • Everything 3D
    3D Scanning
    3D Printing
    3D Inspection & Reverse Engineering Services
  • SpectraDuo® Spectroradiometer & PMT
    This unique battery powered portable instrument is the first and only combined fast-scanning 256 element detector spectroradiometer and PMT based photometer on the market.
  • TeraHertz Spectrometer
    Transmission characterization
    Mach Zehnder characterization
    Reflection characterization
  • Quantum Efficiency (QE) / Incident Photon to Charge Carrier Efficiency (IPCE) System
    Turnkey System
    AC & DC Measurement Mode
    Tandem & Multilayer Measurement
    Jsc Calculation

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News Update

The registration for the 2017 Lumerical FDTD training is open. Please write to daphne@innov-global.com for further information.

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